Peebles Ex-Servicemen's
Pipe Band


Our Repertoire


Barren Rocks of Aden Sheet Music The Barren Rocks of Aden; Brown Haired Maiden Sheet Music The Brown Haired Maiden

Men of Argyll sheet_music; The Australian Ladies ; The Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering sheet_music

The Drunken Piper sheet_music



Green Hills of Tyrol Sheet Music The Green Hills of Tyrol; When the Battle's O'er sheet_music; Lochanside

Shoals of Herring Sheet Music Shoals of Herring; J.K. Cairns Sheet Music Pipe Major JK Cairns; Loch Maree Loch Maree

Castle Dangerous ; My Land Sheet Music My Land; Dream Valley of Glendaruel Sheet Music Dream Valley of Glendaruel

Kilworth Hills Sheet Music Kilworth Hills; Cullen Bay (5/4)



Scotland the Brave ; Rowan Tree sheet_music; Bonnie Galloway

Killicrankie Sheet Music Killicrankie; The Roses of Prince Charlie Sheet Music The Roses of Prince Charlie; Bonnie Lass of Fyvie Sheet Music Bonnie Lass of Fyvie; Ye Jacobites Sheet Music Ye Jacobites

Come O'er the Hills to Peebles sheet_music; Galloway Hills sheet_music

The Music of Spey sheet_music; The Old Rustic Bridge sheet_music; Murdo's Wedding sheet_music



Battle of the Sommesheet_music ; The Heights of Dargai sheet_music; Bathgate Highland Gathering sheet_music



Ben Gullion ; The Steamboat Sheet Music The Steamboat; Mrs Lily Christie Sheet Music Cock O the North; Farewell to the Creeks Sheet Music Farewell to the Creeks

Glendaruel Highlanders Sheet Music Glendaruel Highlanders; Leaving Port Askaig Sheet Music Leaving Port Askaig; Rab's Wedding Sheet Music Rabs Wedding

10th Battalion HLI Crossing the Rhine Sheet Music 10th Bn HLI crossing the Rhine ; La Baum sheet_music ; The Banjo Breakdown sheet_music


Slow Airs

La Baum Sheet Music La Baum; Flower of Scotland sheet_music; Highland Cathedral Sheet Music Highland Cathedral



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