Peebles Ex-Servicemen's
Pipe Band


Competitions 2015

Fewer competitions this year due to an extremely busy schedule playing at various public appearances and private bookings. No silver wear this year unlike last year but a general feeling that greater consistency in being placed middle of the table and closer to our competitors. A solid basis to move forward for some further work over the Winter and come out next year.

Innerleithen 12th September

Awful weather and perhaps the polar opposite of the weather last year took it's toll on the performance at Innerleithen. One or two members had difficulty with pipes after tuning up outside and then playing indoors as the competition was moved inside. The Band were placed 7th which was disappointing and perhaps not the end to the season we would have liked.

Peebles 5th September

A lovely sunny autumnal day for Peebles saw another good solid performance from members. One of our youngest members played for the second time and enjoyed the experience. Peebles were placed 5th, just missing the prize list by one. Another good result for the Band tending to show consistency in performance.

Cowal 27th August

Always a very enjoyable competition, the Band members visit Cowal for the weekend and enjoy the competition as well as the very enjoyable parade afterwards. This year was also a first for Nicola Stewart who competed in the solo competition. She played extremely well and enjoyed the experience. Peebles played well, perhaps the best performance of the season thus far and were placed a creditable 9th.

Edinburgh 22nd August

A long time away from competition caused by the many bookings the Band had received meant that members were eager to get onto the field. Generally a steady performance with one of our youngest members playing in competition for the first time. Nerves not in as much evidence in the performance, the Band was placed 9th.

Dunbar 16th May

First competition of the year and a very cold and gusty day. The conditions did not help with everyone feeling the effects of very strong cold winds. Being the first competition it was felt the Band didn't quite find their feet. Members were disappointed to be placed 14th.

Lothian & Borders Mini Band Competition - Livingston 2015

The youngsters set the bar extremely high for the rest of the Band, with superb performances at the first competition of the season. Eight youngsters entered various competitions, seven on chanter and one on sticks and pad. Two of the adult pipers also participated in the solo piping competition.


Arran Cameron played well in his first competition in the 10 and over chanter. Cameron Greenshields, Alasdair Gemmel, Evan and Caelen MacIver, Chantelle Bissett and Emily Watson all performed in the 11 and over chanter. All performed admirably and are to be congratulated on their performances.


Evan returned victorious taking first place and Alasdair taking third place.


James Thomson also performed in his first competition, he had a wonderful performance and took first place. This was against some really stiff opposition from a variety of participants from Edinburgh schools pipe bands.


Daryn Jones took part in the 14 and over solo piping, again his first solo competition. He played extremely well without any sign of nerves.


Nicola Stewart played in the open solo piping and again had a fabulous confident performance. Both Daryn and Nicola can be proud of the way they have opened their season.


Well done to all performers.


2015 L and B winners

Competitions 2014

A very busy and successful season for Peebles; one which has resulted in six trophies, many more than have been won in a great many years. Peebles is a very young band, the members are to be congratulated on their hard work and commitment to date. There is a feeling of optimism and renewed determination to continue to learn and succeed. An extremely arduous programme of practice over the winter is promised with the opportunity to come out again next year and see the progress continuing.


2014 Trophies


The Band would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all of the tutors who help throughout the year. Bill Kenyion provides the members with much valuable advice and experience during Monday and Wednesday practice nights. He has also provided help with tuning at many of the engagements and competitions throughout the year. Thanks also go to Matthew Oliver, who plays with George Watsons Schools Pipe Band. He helps with tutoring as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award and his assistance is greatly appreaciated. A great many thanks to the tutors who give their time in Kingsland and Priorsford Primary Schools to teach the children chanter, without this valuable contribution from Tracey Thomson and Jeanie Wheater the Band would not profit from the young pipers now coming through.


There are a number of these youngsters coming through on the pipes and drums, the hope is to have them playing public engagements with the Band early next year.


Innerleithen 13th September 2014

A change of date and venue together with some spectacular scenery and weather made this a fabulous competition. It was felt that the Band performance was the best of the season so far. Members looked to have combated the nerves and were placed 4th with another trophy.

St Ronans Competition

Peebles 6th September 2014

Always a tough competition being our home one. The move to the Saturday for the competition was well received, the weather was kind but the performance did not come close to what the Band is capable of. Nerves were very evident leading to a performance which was disappointing. A placing of 6th was the result. However there was another trophy as the Band were judged to have been the best Band on parade.

Cowal 30th August 2014

This is the first year since Cowal lost it's major status, however, this is a competition Peebles has entered for many years and despite the downgrading of the competition Peebles travelled to Dunoon for the weekend. Aspirations were high, particularly after the previous weekends result. Unfortunately nerves were evident and the performance suffered as a result. The Band were placed 10th. However, the part which ensued with all of the Bands taking nearly an hour and a half to play down Dunoon High Street made up for the disappointment. Always a very enjoyable weekend for the Band and our followers.

Edinburgh 23rd August 2014

Peebles travelled to Edinburgh , a new competition for us. The setting was Ingliston and the heavens opened just as Peebles marched on to play. The adverse weather did not, however, have an adverse effect on the performance and Peebles had their highest placing of the season - 3rd and more silverware for the trophy cabinet.

Sanquhar 16th August 2014

The Band participated in an informal competition during the Sanquhar festival. This was a competition organised during the afternoon and was a rare opportunity to see accordion bands, silver bands and pipe bands competing together. Peebles Ex -Servicemen's Pipe Band came away with two trophies for their efforts.

Melrose 2nd August 2014


The Band travelled to Melrose on an extremely wet Saturday morning to compete. The weather had a detrimental effect on the number of bands participating, but none the less the competition was strong. Lessons are continuing to be learnt by those members less experienced in competition and the Band were placed 4th on this occasion. Unfortunately the day was cut short by the rain with the Parade around Melrose being cancelled.


Dunfermline 24th May 2014


This time travelling to Dunfermline to a beautiful park for the location of the competition, members were up for the occasion. Again one or two little errors, resulting from nerves, meant that the Band was placed seventh overall. However the judges summary of the playing showed that improvements were being made


Dunbar 17th May 2014


The Band travelled to Dunbar for the second competition of the season. There were some nerves and one or two little flaws with the set. However the Band was placed seventh and overall felt that an improvement had been made from the previous outing


Lothian & Borders Mini Band competition - Livingston 2014


This is the first year in many that the Band has sufficient numbers of members wishing to compete. It takes time and dedication from members to ensure that the Band can compete, at least six pipers and two drummers together with a bass drummer are required for most competitions, unless the competition is for mini Bands. Lots of practice is required to ensure sufficient practice leads to consistency in playing. It is never easy to compete and those who seek the challenge are to be commended for their time and effort


The competition season kicked off when the Band travelled to Livingston on Saturday 29th March for the first competition of the season. This was an indoor competition comprising a mini Band section and the youngsters got their first taste of competition in the chanter section


First to play was Chantelle Bisset who played Bonnie Galloway in the 10 and under age group. Being first to play in the competition is never easy and she did extremely well with the adjudicator being impressed with her technique. Next to play was Evan MacIver who again played in the 10 and under age group. He played Steamboat and, with no sign of nerves at his first competition, was placed second taking home a medal and trophy.

Chantelle Evan


Two other young members were also due to play in the 11and under category but unfortunately both were unable to play on the day due to illness and other commitments.


Nicola Stewart played in the open piping competition. This is a competition for pipers of all abilities, the competition was extremely strong given there were grade one, two and three pipers in the competition. Nicola played confidently and was placed a creditable twelfth. She beat some well known and experienced pipers to take that place


The Band performed in the Grade 4 competition. Throughout the winter a considerable amount of practice has taken place, all competing members of the Band are to be congratulated on their commitment and hard work. That has meant that competition for places to play in the mini band competition has been fierce. The Pipe Major had a difficult decision for selection but the four pipers, side, tenor and bass drummers performed well. They were placed eighth.


All in all a pleasing start to the season, improvements have definitely been made. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect but the first competition is a good opportunity to gauge our performance against the rest.